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Colorful Wood Dreidels


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Colorful Wood Dreidels, Set of 4, Colors will vary

When you think of Hanukkah you often think of the dreidle, the top with four Hebrew letters, one on each side. One of the most common questions about the dreidle is “What are the Hebrew letters on the side of the dreidle?”   Outside Israel the letter are Nun (נ), Gimmel (ג), Heh (ה), Shin (ש) are the first of each word in the following sentence: Nes Gadol Haya Sham, meaning a great miracle happened there. Inside Israel the fourth letter is replaced with a Peh (פ) as the word Sham or there is changed to Po or here.   These gorgous dreidles are made of natural wood and painted in bright cheerful colors. The set of 4 will contain all different dreidles, but the colors will vary. These dreidles are for use outside Israel and therefore have a shin – ש.   How to play the dreidle? Children (or adults!) sit around the table with the dreidl. Everyone is given a supply of tokens: toothpicks, chocolate gelt (candy in the shape of a gold coin), or peanuts. Everyone places a tokens in the center of the table. The first player spins. According to the letter appearing on top when the dreidl stops, the following occurs:

Nun (נ). The player neither puts in nor takes out a token.
Gimmel (ג). The player takes all the tokens. Players then place a token again in the center of the table and play continues.
Heh (ה). The player takes half of the tokens on the table.
Shin (ש). The player puts in a token.



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