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Israel Golan Grill BBQ, Galilee Stir Fry, Za’atar/Hyssop Seasoning Set


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100% Produced and packaged in Israel.

Izrael Za’atar Ltd understands the value of being part of and giving back to the Israel community. These spices are packaged and labeled by over 50 special needs workers providing a source of independent livelihood. The Land of the Bible was blessed with many herbs and spices. The Great Rift Valley along its Eastern Border has a special climate facilitating the Arava, the Galilee, Mt. Hermon, Mt. Tabor and the Golan Heights. Herbs and spices that grow in these areas are considered to have the best aromatic flavor in the world.

This set includes:

Dead Sea Salt Picante Seasoning

This seasoning combines the rich flavor of Dead Sea Salt with the zing of picante.

Dead Sea Salt is a healthier alternative to traditional table salt and has a unique flavor derived from the mineral content of the Dead Sea. It combines this natural flavor with seasonings grown in the Galilee such as cayenne, cumin and pepper.

Ingredients: garlic, cumin, black pepper, sweet paprika, cayenne, oregano, thyme, coriander, nutmeg, sugar, Dead Sea salt

Stir Fry Galilee Seasoning Rich Mix

Adding mustard seeds to your spice rack will be a decision you will not regret, Not only can mustard seed give your food a spicy, rustic taste, but a mouth-watering fragrance as well. Enjoy the many health benefits of including Mustard Seed in your diet. It is a very good source of omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium and vitamin B1 all of which are essential to the body to preform vital processes.

Mustard seed also had beautiful Biblical significance as found in the Parable o the Mustard Seed found in Matthew 13:31-32 — so you can feed your body and soul.

Ingredients: mustard seed, sweet paprika, salt, oregano, basil, thyme

The Izrael Zaatar Company is located in the Galilee of Israel. They employ over 50 special needs individuals to package their products.

Biblical Hyssop Za’atar, Galilee Aromatic Blend

Za’atar is a healthy and multi-purpose spice blend enriching the flavor and aroma of many dishes. It is excellent for salads, soup, meat, fish, cheese, eggs, pizza, bread and pastries.


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