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The Apostles Spread the Gospel Board Game


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For ages 4 and up
For 2 or more players

Learn about the Apostles Spread of the Gospel in this Ropes and Ladders Style Board Game. The Apostles Spread the Gospel board game is designed to deepen our knowledge of what the original Apostles went through so long ago bringing the good news of Jesus to the nations. Familiar Biblical stories come alive as you encounter ancient sites from the life of the Apostles. This ropes and ladders style board game reflects how the Apostles might have felt as they spread the Gospel… sometimes moving forward and sometimes having set back. Walk with the Apostles from Jerusalem to Rome through Damascus, Syrian Antioch, Tarsus, Cyprus, Iconium, Crete, Malta, Athens, Corinth, Troas and Philippi.

Aim of Game: Learn about the Apostles and the spread of the Gospel.
Object of the game: To be the first to reach Rome.

Contents: Game Board Map – Gospel Movers – Instructions. Made in Israel.


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