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Gentile Heroines and Heroes


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Speaking & Signing Gentile Heroines & Heroes: Encouraging the Jews to return to their Ancient Homeland. Co-presented by Bridges For Peace Canada.

Writer, broadcaster and historian Yanky Fachler is a UK-born Israeli who lives in Ireland, where he chairs the Jewish Historical Society of Ireland. In 2 Lions, 6 Officers and 750 Mules, Fachler focuses on British officers who pushed the Jews of Palestine to adopt a more proactive military ethos. In God’s Little Errand Boys, Fachler focuses on Christian clergymen who impacted on the Zionist narrative, including Rev William Hull of Winnipeg.

In his new book, Gentile Heroes and Heroines: Encouraging the Jews to return to their Ancient Homeland, Fachler widens the perspective to include female Christian Zionists like the writer George Eliot and Lord Balfour’s niece and biographer, Blanche (Baffy) Dugdale. The book also features an assortment of archaeologists, newspaper editors, politicians and thinkers who all saw it as their personal duty to help turn the idea of a “Jewish national home” into reality.


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