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Dreidel with Stand, Silver Plated


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Small Silver Plated Hanukkah Dreidel

Decorated with Old City of Jerusalem design.

With stand, hand painted.

Height 5 inches / 12.5cm

A dreidl is a small top with which children play during Hanukkah. In Hebrew it is called a Sevivon.

The dreidl is four-sided with a Hebrew letter painted on each side.

The Hebrew letters, Nun (נ), Gimmel (ג), Heh (ה), Peh (פ) are the first letters of the following sentence Nes Gadol Haya Poh, meaning a great miracle happened here.

Outside Israel, the fourth letter Peh, is replaced with a shin (ש) for the word Sham, meaning a great miracle happened there.

How to play.

Children (or adults!) sit around the table with the dreidl. Everyone is given a supply of tokens: toothpicks, chocolate gelt (candy in the shape of a gold coin), or jelly beans. Everyone places a tokens in the center of the table.

The first player spins. According to the letter appearing on top when the dreidl stops, the following occurs:

Nun (נ). The player neither puts in nor takes out a token.
Gimmel (ג). The player takes all the tokens. Players then place a token again in the center of the table and play continues.
Heh (ה). The player takes half of the tokens on the table.
Peh (פ). The player puts in a token.


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